Friday, May 16, 2008

What Grinds My Gears: Kitchen Cabinets

I don't know why, but I just don't like kitchen cabinets. I've looked at plenty and none have ever jumped out at me screaming "Just look how beautiful I am!!!" (What? Inanimate objects don't scream at you? Weirdo.) I guess I don't mind the bottom half of the cabinets so much, I mean, your counter has to go on something and you might as well store things in there, so it has 2 purposes, it's a multitasker, I like that. But the top? It stores things. Single purpose. Stupie. Anyway, I love the look of just putting your dishes and plates on shelves, plus I love my plates so I want to see them all the time. Here are some top-cabinet free spaces:

Well thats my rant for today, have a great weekend!

(via domino & ikea)

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j*amy said...

you know what really grinds MY gears? not enough storage or too MUCH storage, i.e., very un-open and congested kitchy.

i love the shelves look, and i'd love to see your plates [um, still in the box, right??]

i wouldn't mind a wall with floor to ceiling storage, and then maybe a shelf or two on other walls over some counter/cabinets. i think that'd be nice. you know, instead of a full pantry.

so this is a long comment. i think i will keep it going. i want a new kitchen. i want to move out!