Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My sister (oh hai, Sissy!) came up from Maryland (with Jamie & Suede with his one ear up and one ear down, so cute) this last weekend and so we had brunch with our family and the grandmas. I love our grandmas, I mean I know everyone loves their grandmas, but seriously, ours are awesome. They work, volunteer, go to parties and have more of a social life than I do! Our one grandma just had to buy a book called "For the Over Scheduled Woman", I don't think an 85-year-old woman was their target market, but she needs it! Our other grandma gets frustrated when we're at a restaurant and there is a table of people that she doesn't know (I swear they know everyone in Erie).

Oh and f.y.i. Grandparent's day is the first Sunday after Labor Day, so this year it will be September 7th.

Okay that's my random (happy) rant of the day!

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