Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hanging Out

Adore this hanger. Nuff said.

Makes the wheels in my head start turning about what other hanger shapes there could be.

Outstretched arms for a hug?
A banana?
A cheshire cat smile?

via Hello Tiger

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey this was made for me!

I couldn't resist, its so perfect! (Granted I am still doing graphic design on the side.)

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Is it sad this in no way makes me feel even the slightest bit bad about eating sushi? I just love it so much!

Side note: We stand by the fact the best sushi in Pittsburgh is Sushi Tomo on McKnight Road, it is so delish, we recommend the Volcano rolls.

Photo via dailybento

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Work, work, work

So I have just recently added on my 4th job.

Job 1: House manager at the New Hazlett theater
Non profit organization

Job 2: Barista at Starbucks
I feed the need to defend my working here, they have great benefits for both of us, matching 401k, stock options and free pound of coffee a week, I have a stockpile :)

Job 3: Freelance Designer
Continuous clients as well as one time projects

Job 4: Office Manager/designer for Red Caimen Media
Startup company, is my newest job, fingers crossed all goes well!

So I'm looking at a minimum of 50 hour work weeks, but I enjoy keeping busy and I don't want to give anything up. Wish me luck!

Oh hello...

Well it has been awhile my bloggie friends. Since my last post:

Got married.
Got laid off.
Got a new job.
Started freelancing.
Got another job.
Got another job.
Cat died.
Got 2 new cats.
Totaled the car.

That sums up my life at the moment. Working 4 jobs, still working on the house, and car shopping. Hope you stay tuned for current and recent projects both design and on our home plus some shenanigans in between.