Friday, December 31, 2010

Font Friday

Font Friday: League Gothic

I love a good font. This League Gothic is a great san-serif font. Here's a bit-o'history for you.

League Gothic is a revival of an old classic, and one of our favorite typefaces, Alternate Gothic No.1. It was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company (ATF) in 1903. The company went bankrupt in 1993. And since the original typeface was created before 1923, the typeface is in the public domain.

You can download for free here! (Which is a nice font site, so even if you don't dig this particular font, it's worth checking out)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ask & Receive

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What a Year

Hello blogsphere! It has been a crazy year and just flew by! I worked most of it (Randie & Mike threatened a "workaholic" intervention) and wore many hats: Office Manager, Barista, House Manager, Designer, Bartender, Freelancer. I don't regret any of it because of the great friends I made along the way.

Thanks to my friend Kristen forcing me (in a loving way) apply for a "big-girl job" I am now a full time designer again and loving it.