Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Excited for trick or treaters tonight and party tomorrow!


Last night was a fund raiser for Friends of the Urban Tree Forest put together by our wonderful friend John Metzler. The local cemetery was cutting down a few trees and John got together a number of artists to create art from these trees. The pieces were absolutely amazing and the turnout was great. Unfortunately it was onlyy a one night show, but they are currently looking for a gallery to display the work.

Randie's piece:
Our new awesome photographer friend Joey:

John's mantle:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Almost Halloween

Almost time for Halloween and I'm once again excited to hand out candy! We get a pretty good crowd in our neighborhood, which is quite an improvement from my parent's house who only get about 10 kids or less. (And yes, we will dress up to hand out candy.) Plus Saturday we're having a halloween party! If you in the Pittsburgh area, and I didn't already send you something, just let me know!

(I love my mug and I had to share, I bought it after halloween last year and have been dying to use it! no pun intended...hee hee)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Spanish Weekly! Less than 50 days!

Going wedding dress shopping with the girls tomorrow. I'm guessing I'm going to see a lot of poofy, sparkly, lacy dresses and I will say this...

Just kidding! I'm thinking positively! 

Our Garden...

So Randie has tried to plant carrots for the last 2 years and they were quite a sad little crop. We finally found this little guy that looked most edible. 

So I washed him, peeled him and cut him up.

It wasn't much, but hey it was orange and kind of carrot tasting.

Anyone else have any luck growing carrots????

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mr & Mrs Smith

Congrats to Missy & Josh! So fabulous together!

Erin and I right after taking a shot with the (very happy & lucky) groom...

Meadowcroft Rockshelter

This week I've had a little bit of the cold that's going around so I'm a little delayed. Last Saturday I went out of town with my parents to...Avella. This is only funny if you've ever been to Avella, which I have, Kimmy (a.k.a.: Kim-bo-kay or Spicy) one of my college roomies lives there and let's just say it's a small town. Anyway, they have a rockshelter there, that is part of the Heinz History Center, where they found remains dating back to 16,000 years ago.

It really is a cool little place, they just built a beautiful building to showcase the area as well as a native american village and colonial town with representatives at each place to guide and inform you. Also one of the main archeologists, Dr. James Adovasio, is a professor at Mercyhurt College in Erie! This weekend is the last weekend it is open for this year but will reopen in the spring.

TIP: It's $10 for adults but there is a coupon in the Entertainment book!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wedding Update


I made appointments to go look at wedding dresses next Saturday (the girls are coming of couse).

Spanish (kinda) Weekly: 55 Days Left

I like to keep my readers happy. :P

But seriously! 55 days! My vaycay is getting close!

For those of you not keeping up I am going on a cruise with my S * K * A * N * K * S! (Staci, Kristen, Amy, Nikkie, Katie (me))


Free tea to be exact...found this on my internet adventuring. A free sample pack of Yogi tea! You get meditative time, mexican sweet chili, and berry anti-oxidant. I love this tea! I drink their "lady tea" (woman's dong quai tonic) during my time of month (sorry guys)...and we use their throat coat and a few others for when we're sick. So happy friday and enjoy!

Oh and I think their designs are cute too!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I had this awesome phone that still worked even after I lost it in the driveway for 3 days while there was a rainstorm. (oops)

But months after that, the cat knocked it into it's water bowl and it decided to stop working. So I went to get it fixed and they couldn't so they gave me a (free, didn't have to renew my plan or anything) new phone (refurbished, the battery didn't even match).

That night the screen started to "scramble" and it kept shutting off so I took it back, they fixed it and then a week later the keypad stopped working. So I went to get it fixed again and they gave me yet another phone. I like this one, it's a matte black, super thin and has these crazy options for when you dial a number.

Post-it, feather, and LED...and they have little animations as you type and corresponding sound silly...makes me giggle...

Moral of the story is that sprint now hates me, but they were quite helpful minus giving me a crap phone and kept forgetting to give me a charger. (oh fyi, they just handed me the phone, no manual, no box, no nothin....weirdos). Sigh....but I want an iphone....

Oh and don't put your phone anywhere near the cat's water bowl.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy B-day Pittsburgh...belated..

This year is Pittsburgh 250th birthday and they did a HUGE fireworks celebration last Saturday. It was all set to music and they had little commemorative pieces in between. They set off fireworks from 17 different places throughout the city, it was crazy! Here was our view on the very packed north shore (we couldnt see ALL of them).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet Design in Colorado

Everyone has pictures of how beautiful Colorado's landscapes are, but I thought I would share a few beautiful graphic design pieces Colorado also has too!

Celestial Seasonings (tea) has one factory and it's in Colorado and they recently did a redesign! Seriously cute!

I wanted a picture with their street markers and then my foot slid all the way under the base of the sign and I was a muddy mess, so I'm giggling a little in this pic. (pic via sissy)

We went to Breckenridge Brewery before the Rockies game and I loved their style.

Their website is adorable, I love the colors (and they have a Vanilla Porter, which is one of my favorite beers)

We went to dinner at illegal pete's in Boulder and they had a cute style (and awesome burritos!) but it isn't very consistent.



Foxes in Boulder, CO

My cousin plays lacrosse for Boulder high school and we went to see his field and we found some new friends. (fyi: cuteness ahead!) (fyi #2: M it because the audio is just sissy & I giggling and some wind)