Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet Design in Colorado

Everyone has pictures of how beautiful Colorado's landscapes are, but I thought I would share a few beautiful graphic design pieces Colorado also has too!

Celestial Seasonings (tea) has one factory and it's in Colorado and they recently did a redesign! Seriously cute!

I wanted a picture with their street markers and then my foot slid all the way under the base of the sign and I was a muddy mess, so I'm giggling a little in this pic. (pic via sissy)

We went to Breckenridge Brewery before the Rockies game and I loved their style.

Their website is adorable, I love the colors (and they have a Vanilla Porter, which is one of my favorite beers)

We went to dinner at illegal pete's in Boulder and they had a cute style (and awesome burritos!) but it isn't very consistent.



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