Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Almost Halloween

Almost time for Halloween and I'm once again excited to hand out candy! We get a pretty good crowd in our neighborhood, which is quite an improvement from my parent's house who only get about 10 kids or less. (And yes, we will dress up to hand out candy.) Plus Saturday we're having a halloween party! If you in the Pittsburgh area, and I didn't already send you something, just let me know!

(I love my mug and I had to share, I bought it after halloween last year and have been dying to use it! no pun intended...hee hee)


j*amy said...

hey i remember when you bought that mug! was it from starbucks?

yay halloweeeeeeeeeeeen party so excited!

*kc said...

I remember too - and, yes, it was at SB.

I'm excited for the party too.

(Amy stool my comments!)

j*amy said...


Alanna Jackson Designer said...

Does that mug have vanilla infused coffee in it!!!? Or was it spiced with cinnamon?

Oooh I love our coffee creations at work, especially when the coffee goes into such a good mug ;)