Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm really getting sick of this cold weather! Even if it does occasionally look cool on my car window. brrr

House inspection went great! We are having them fix a few missing shingles (so the roof doesn't leak before we even get in there!) Still on for our March 11th closing date! eek!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


For Christmas we got our Mum & Grandma tickets to go see Mamma Mia with the whole family at Shea's Theater in Buffalo for Valentine's Day. I've seen the show before (and the movie, but it's most definitely worth seeing the show live) and so it was as fabulous as always and we had a wonderful trip, as always.

And since we were close we stopped at Niagara Falls! (American side)

Happy Birthday! and Other Stuff...

Today is one of my bffs birthday, Staci from over at SuperYay, Happy birthday Stace!!!

Other exciting news...

We have the inspection on our potential house tomorrow night! Here is a little sneak peek, but I'm trying to not get too excited in case something is horribly wrong...(but I'm still quite excited)

Sorry if you're offended...buuut....We finally figured out how to make the "poop" emoticon in gmail chat!!!! 
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