Tuesday, May 13, 2008


By now you can pretty much find anything you want online when it comes to recipes, decorating tips, etc. But sometimes (although it's not eco-friendly) its nice to look at something tangible like a magazine or something to inspire you when you don't have access to a computer (like on the bus). Anyway here are some free magazines that I find actually interesting (and they don't send me junk mail!). They advertise themselves a bit, obviously, but it is nice to know that all the materials/ingredients are definitely available.

Lowes: They have some pdf samples of their 3 magazines (Creative Ideas, Woodpost or Garden) to check out before you subscribe.

Kraft: You can read any of their magazines online. (They have plenty of cuppycake recipes.)


j*amy said...

hey i made those lemon ones!

we get that kraft magazine...that is part of what iNSPiREd me! [and the cuppies rach made in january, that i copied...]

Staci :-) said...

i totes subscribed to those mags!! super excited to get them!