Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eco-friendly Logos

With the enviornment being a hot topic these days (as it should be) there are "green" logos popping up everywhere (fyi: I wrote "pooping" thank goodness for proofreading!). It's weird that the word "green" has a whole new meaning. Although green is the most popular color for eco-logos, red and blue seem to tie for second place. Anybody see any purple or orange logos out there??(via Copyranter and google)

1 comment:

j*amy said...

"lick global warming"? weird....

i like the "GoGreen" one cause i like the recycle thing w/ the leaf in it.....i think its the coolies. er that was supposed to be "coolest". thank goodness for proofreading.

pooping. hahah