Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Composting for Beginners

We never tried composting until we moved in with Randie, so I'm not very compost savvy yet. But, between recycling and composting our garbage is quite minimal, so we will most likely keep it up even after we move away from Randie (sniff sniff, we don't like to talk about that happening). But this is a handy (and cute) little guide that shows what does and doesn't go in your compost pile.

(image via re-nest, dkhlucy's flickr)

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j*amy said...

this IS cute. but you should make it even cuter, or more modern, maybe in black and white, and then frame them in black frames and put them on the walls. but don't put "put these in" and "keep these out" you just have to remember. :)