Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lack of a Better Term

How great are the tea bag tags (for lack of a better term for those pieces of paper attached to the end of your tea bag string)! In Istanbul this cafe caters to the active/health conscious and I think they really hit the mark on these little climbers and bungee jumpers for their tea.

update: click on image for larger view....(is that better Mase?)

(Artwork done by TBWA, Istanbul. Found via adGoodness)


j*amy said...

i think you need to find a zoomed in pic of the actual teabag, cause i didn't really "get" it until i clicked on it [and you totes know not everyone would do that.]

er anyway. those are cool.
my dad had a cat named teabag once. i think it's cute.

<3 TEA! [lady tea?]

raych said...

is it bad that the second i read "tea bag" i thought of something dirty?


i need to get my mind out of the gutter.

..but i kind of like it there.


Kt said...

Mase-Ask and ye shall receive.

raych-hahah my mind went there too, it's ok...I almost named the post that buuuuttttt I didn't want to mislead anyone...ahah