Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Only 3 more Days for HGTV Green Home

HGTV is giving away a "green home" that you can enter to win until May 9th (this Friday). The house is located in Hilton Head, SC and is worth about $800,000. Let me first say that I am thrilled that HGTV is recognizing the need to promote and encourage "green" living. Bravo! They put in energy saving appliances, solar panels that supply 10% of the home's energy, repurposed furniture and flooring (which is GORGEOUS!), high performance doors/windows and much more. There are 360 degree tours that are totes worth checking out. Here are a few pic in case you don't have time.

The only thing that frustrates me is the cost of winning. The average person would find great difficulty paying the taxes on an $800,000 prize and, even if they managed to gather enough money to do that, the property taxes in Hilton Head would be outrages not to mention the cost of insurance on a place worth that much. HGTV knows this and has said that they don't expect all of their "Dream home" winners to keep the house (they have given away "Dream Homes" for a number of years). But you can sell the house (after a vacation there), take the money and buy one that is more within your means.

Sooo sign up to win it...and if you do...can I go on vacation with you? Please?


j*amy said...

w00t! i hope i wiiiiiiin....then we'll vacay and then i'll sell it and move to pitts ;) hahah

Mark Kreuzwieser said...

Great blog!
Very, very entertaining and informative!

Jamie Lovely said...

It looks awesome!