Friday, May 9, 2008

A Pair of Pears

I was down at the market in the Strip District last weekend and picked up some Asian Pears. We have never tried them before and it seemed like a good week for something new. They are more of a combination of pears and apples, an appars or pearpples, if you will. Firm like an apple but more of the texture of a pear, and the flavor is somewhere in the middle but leaning more towards the pear side. If you want to try one (either go to the store, duh, or) just me know and I'll (try to remember to) bring you one the next time I see you, or the first time I see you if we haven't officially met yet.

On a side note, I love getting my fruits and veggies at the market! They only have a small array of organic vegetables, but the rest are still really great and grown locally so I feel a little better than getting them at the grocery store. Plus they are less expensive, for example, I can get grapefruit 4 for $2 and at Giant Eagle it's a dollar or more a piece!

(Nutrition facts via Fruits & Veggies Matter)

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j*amy said...

hahah i cracked up when you said "or the first time i see you if we haven't officially met yet" bhahahah. bring some tomorrow. bye!