Friday, May 16, 2008

Reclaimed Drawers

I absolutely love this dresser! Furniture that is beautiful and "green"!? Fabulous! Each of the drawers in the piece were rescued from flea markets.
It's frustrating how being eco-friendly seems to cost a little extra. But, for those of us who are unable to drop $4,000 on a couch made from green materials, buying used furniture and fixing it up is a great option. Being green includes buying less and creating less waste, it doesn't mean everyone has to throw away their old furniture and buy new eco-friendly items. This concept tends to get passed over, but I think it is equally as important. Mike and I have a few projects this summer of furniture we are "reclaiming" such as a side table we snagged out of our neighbor's trash (they are moving) and dressers I've had since, I think, I was 3 and are a bit out-dated. I'll keep you updated on their progress, which is non-existent at the moment.

(dresser via inhabitat but not for sale)


j*amy said...

wait! how much is it? it's totes cool. said...

Wow, so clever. I love how the white helps to border and highlight each unique drawer.