Friday, May 9, 2008


On Thursday night, my friend and college roomie Ash called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner "right now"...and (after checking with Mikey real quick) I said "of course!"

We went to Double-Wide Grill (Sounds real classy, I know, right?) they had "Trailer Park Trivia" and Mike got this "TV Dinner" that came on this crazy metal plate. We couldn't hear the trivia very well it was mostly current events, so if you don't watch the news, you're screwed. But, overall the food was really good (don't get the veggie medley, it sucks) and they had good beer specials, cornhole, etc. after 10.

The best part of the night however was one of Ash's friends looks like a certain paleontologist from a certain tv show called Friends, and I got a pic (or two) so I could share it with YOU!

Oh and as a side note (and just in case he comes across this some day) he is a very genuinely nice guy.


j*amy said...

hahahah that tv dinner thing is totes awesome. and ash's friend does look like him! hahahhah

Jamie Lovely said...

hahah he does kinda look like Ross!