Monday, July 14, 2008

A weekend in Pittsburgh...

Yes, it's a miracle, we stayed in Pittsburgh this weekend. Friday night we went to Happy Hour over at Palomino (Downtown Pittsburgh, goooood happy hour...except on beers) and to the gallery crawl. Randie had 2 pieces in a show and we checked out a few other places and caught the fireworks after the Pirates game.

Saturday afternoon we made butter...yes...made it...we put raw milk in a jar and shook it...and no joke it became butter! (it took a lot of shaking)

We went to the gallery opening at Moxie Dada
And had an absolutly amazing dinner at Monterey Pub, I had a smoked salmon boxty...which had these potato pancakes..and was totes amazing. Highly recommended!

Overall a great weekend!

UPDATE: Oh I forgot to mention we went to the South Side Works Exposed on Sunday. I guess it was their first one, they had a few bands play and a number of artists, it was just okay, nothing amazing.


j*amy said...

mmm boxty's are freakin awesome. i like the chicken boxty from molly b's.

but seriously, how long did you have to SHAKE that to make butter/!?!??! you guys are nuts. do you have to add like salt...or anythign???

[ps next time i visit i want REAL BUTTER.]

*Stace* said...

ewe . . raw milk. . . that sounds gross. i'm never eating butter again.

just kidding. i love butter.

Angela said...

I made butter like that when I was a Girl Scout. Using cream, and putting a couple marbles in the jar to help with the agitation. Took a long time, but butter was the end result!

ShelBelle said...

really ... how long were you a shakey-shakin? haha ... did it taste like butter from the store?