Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's that kind of Thursday...

So tonight we'll be making our drive to Erie for Mike's show and then driving back to Pittsburgh at 2 if i'm sleepy tomorrow you'll know why. But if you're in Erie come out for quarter drafts down at Sherlocks and see iNSPiRAL & Red Light Romance.

Here's a new phrase I keep saying:

"Sad Panda": Pretty much anything sad

Mike: That little kid just dropped their ice cream
Me: Aww sad panda

Does it make a lot of sense? No.

(I don't know where I picked it up, apparently it was on a South Park...but that's not what I know it from.)

(pic from photo basement)


Jamie Lovely said...

hahah aww sad panda is a cute phrase

Angela said...

I was basically going to type word for word what jamie said, lol!

ShelBelle said...

HAHAHA that panda on the beach is def "sad panda" ... ummm but it made me LOL (literally)