Thursday, July 17, 2008


I took a vacation day Wednesday and Mike, Josh, Missy and I went to Cedar Point. The boys have off every Wednesday so it was a perfect day to hit up the park. All four of us love roller coaster and we had amazing weather so the day was fabulous! (Not a very flattering pic of me...but with it)

NEW ROLLER COASTER REVIEW: Cedar Point's "Maverick"
Remember that crazy suspense building feeling when going up the  first hill of the roller coaster with it's slow clink...clink...clink...? Yeah...they "fixed" just zip right on up reallll smooth-like. It's kind of cool, but ruins some of the fun. There is a 95 degree drop (beyond vertical) that is crazy and it's got some awesome twists, turns and upside-down-ness. The waiting line is probably the worst part. You are in a semi-enclosed space with many strangers and zero fans. Not pleasant. Take ice water. Overall it was pretty awesome and worth the wait. (But the Raptor is still my favorite!)

I was amazed to realize that there are a lot of people out there that have never been to Cedar Point...I just thought it was something that everyone (within driving distance of Ohio) did. I've been there there probably about 7 times and still love it!


*Stace* said...

ahh! i want to gooooooooooo!!! remember when we'd all take amusement park trips when we were younger?! the good ol' days! i'd have to agree that the zipping right to the top of the coaster completely takses away from the much needed suspense!! but i definitley want to ride this new ride! also big fan of the front row raptor! take me next time!

Angela said...

I haven't been to Cedar Point yet. But I've only gone to school in the Burgh for three years, so there's still time. I've only been to Kennywood twice.

ShelBelle said...

awwww yeah ... ppl down here just don't understand! they think Six Flags is cool ... psssssht

j*amy said...

i've been! like...what, 3 times? annnnd i don't even like roller coasters :)

glad you guys had funnnnn!