Wednesday, July 2, 2008

By the way...

I forgot to tell you about my slightly crazy busy weekend.

Friday Mike picked me up from work (we picked up his mum's luggage from their cousin's house) and drove to Erie (2 hrs) for iNSPiRAL to play a show at the Beer Mug and then drove back to Pittsburgh and got home about 4:30. a.m. (pic taken by Mason Sister's Photography...hee hee)

Saturday I got to sleep in a little bit, Mike's brother came to Pittsburgh with us and stayed over, I cleaned and then my parents got into town and I went to their hotel with them. My sissy (hi sissy, loves you!) locked her keys in the car so she ran a little late. We went to Penn Brewery for dinner (awesome) 

and then stopped at work (I forgot the tickets there) and went to see Peter Pan at the Benedum (Cathy Rigby -an olympic gymnast- was Peter Pan and did an awesome job!) 

We went back to my parent's hotel room, the power went out for a few hours, Sissy's car battery died and I went home to wait for the band to get back from their show at the Sphinx. They got home about 3, we were up till about 4:30 again. (Mase Pic again)

Sunday I picked up my family and we met the rest of the gang at a's for breakast, buuuut they we'rent serving their famous pancakes so we went to The Rusty Nail for breakfast. My parent's sissy and I went to the Aviary and then we all parted ways. 

Hung out with the band boys, Mase, and Mike's brother for awhile, then they went back to Erie. Then had dinner with Randie & John, watched a movie, made real whipped cream for the FIRST TIME EVER (thanks Randie!) and finalllllly went to bed.

Phew.....I'm still tired....


j*amy said...

i wish i could have had some of that cake! it looked soooo yummerz.

but yay, i'm still tired too! but what a fun weeeekend!

*kc said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading that! (at least I got to see you for a cups (short for couple - think that will catch on?) hours this past weekend).