Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And it Begins...

Okay I'm finally starting to think about wedding stuff so be prepared to have a few posts about the things I find. Don't worry, it won't take over the blog, I promise, I just wanted to warn you.

I found this list of flowers and what they mean that I thought was interesting. (But I plan on just using local flowers that are in bloom at the time, so the meaning will be kind of...meaningless.)

Baby’s breath = Everlasting love
Bachelor’s button = Celibacy, delicacy
Calla lily = Magnificent beauty
Carnation (pink) = Woman’s love
Carnation = Pure love
Cornflower = Delicacy
Crocus = Cheerfulness
Daisy = Innocence
Dogwood = Duration
Fern = Magic
Forget-me-not = Remember me
Freesia = Innocence
Fuchsia = Confiding love
Geranium = True friendship
Hellebore = Calming
Hyacinth = Sport and play
Iris = I have a message for you
Ivy = Friendship
Jasmine (pink) = I attach myself to you
Jasmine (white) = Amiability
Lady’s mantle = Comfort
Lilac = First emotions of love
Lily-of-the-valley = Return of happiness
Mint = Virtue
Myrtle = Love
Oak leaf = Bravery
Orchid = You’re in my thoughts
Peony = Bashful
Peppermint = Warmth of feeling
Primrose = Youth
Ranunculus = Radiant with charms
Rose (white) = I am worthy of you
Rose = Love
Rosemary = Remembrance
Snowdrop = Hope
Sweet pea = Delicate pleasures
Sweet violet = Modesty
Sweet William = Sensitivity
Tulip (pink) = Caring
Tulip (variegated) = Beautiful eyes
Tulip = Declaration of love
Violet (blue) = Faithfulness

(via style me pretty)


Martina said...

Unrelated to your lovely and interesting list of flowers and their meanings, I just wanted to let you know about this wedding website/blog that I love:


The have great ideas for color palettes and decorations

Angela said...

I don't know what Gerbera daisies mean, but I want to have a colorful spring wedding so I can use them!

*Stace* said...

yay kt!! plan plan plan! we are totes here if you need us!

j*amy said...

yay a weddingy post! i'm totes ok with it taking over the blog...;) hehe

so, we have lots of mint, so you could use that, but i dont think i liked the meaning...and peonies are in June...and we have lots of those...oh, but did you mean "local" as in = neighbors/backyards? ;) or do you have an idea of what is going to be in bloom at that time?

and omg i'm eating the best peach with waffles mmmm!

Martina said...

Haha, oops. I was just looking at this list again and saw the "via Style Me Pretty" at the bottom. So much for my suggestion. I have nothing new to offer. :)