Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mark Hamill, what are you doing in my cd player?

Mike and I listen to a lot of audio books on our many, many, many drives from Pittsburgh to Erie and back. (They have a large collection of them at the library and I can walk there on my lunch so they are easily accessible.) We just finished The Spiderwick Chronicles (they just made a movie out of it) which was just okay. But it was read by none other than Luke Skywalker! I kept expecting him to say "Aunt Beru?...Uncle Owen?.... " any minute. Hee hee...it made it quite enjoyable!


Angela said...

Hahaha. I wouldn't have recognized his voice.

j*amy said...

ewwww hahah that's so funny. i dont think i would have been able to get into it...i would have kept expecting "NOOOOOOOOO!" [when he finds out that vador is his daddy]