Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We went about 8 months without going to see a single movie in a theater, and now I've gone to about six in the last month (or so). Craziness.

Sex in the City - Great time out with the girls, cute movie!

Iron Man - Awesomeness.

Hancock - Crap. (Sorry Shels...it was stupie..hee hee))

Hellboy II - Colby, swiss, cheddar...whatever you want to call it...it was cheeesy!

The Dark Crystal - Old Jim Henson/Frank Oz movie, saw a midnight showing at the Oaks theater

and fiannnnnnlllly The Dark Knight....totes awesomeness. I do agree with Bryan's review on the voice though, it does get to you.

Sorry, I'm not much of a movie reviewer...


j*amy said...

SITC - was totes awesome!
iron man - didn't see it
hancock - still want to see it
hellboy II - didn't care to see it [and still don't]
dark crys - never heard of it
dark knight - totes AWESOME! i also agree with the voice - and my dad said he did too! it kinda creeped me out in the beginning - i didn't even realize it could be him "trying to disguise his voice". makes sense...i guess i just always figured when you put on the suit your voice just automatically went into batman mode.

oh, but i saw prince caspian last night! totes cute. if you like narnia - better see it! oh this is like a post in your comments :)

andrea said...

The Dark Crystal gives me nightmares... I can't sit through it.