Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time (under $100)

For me, time peices are works of art. They can be so well designed and really add to a room and they are FUNCTIONAL! I think it's worth spending a little bit of cash on these beauties, but not too much. So here are 10 fabulous clocks under 100 dollars.1. clybourn wall clock ($79.95): Two sided train station clock that mounts out from wall.
2. Giant Flip Clock ($95.00): Quiet flipping and retro design, 13" x 5" x 4" wall mountable, or it can rest on any flat surface
Decode Clock ($59.95): I always think this concept is so clever! 12", comes in back or white
Spellbound Wall Clock ($21.99): The number of minutes it written between the hours.
5. Times Square Numeri Clock ($98.00): 13.75" square orange painted metal.

6. TimeZones Clock
(about $55.00): I don't know what it is, but I've always had a thing for timezones.
7. Chic Chalet Clock ($59.00): A very minimal and pretty cuckoo clock.
8. Timesphere Clock, White Dial, Red Ball ($50.00): Ball seems to float around the clock in this minimalist design.
9. Projection Alarm Clock ($19.95): Ok, ok, this one isn't that pretty, but I have one of these that projects the time on the ceiling and I love it! Highly recommended. (A quick word to those of us with very bad near-sightedness, it's difficult to see without glasses/contacts, so make sure to put it far away so the numbers are as large as possible)
10. Make your own! You can make a clock out of ANYTHING with a simple kit from almost any craft store. A personal or prefect match to your decor is sometimes better than anything you can buy.

(Found with some help from: bltd, apartment therapy, & google)


j*amy said...

awe what a cute post! i have to post my cupcakes and pirates pictures! plus that other crap! ahh! too much to post! no time to post it!!!

Martina said...

Nice! I like #5 best. I've been trying to find a deal on a retro 50's style starburst clock.