Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh April Fools Day...

The internet really does make April Fools Day so much fun. You really can't believe anything you read that day and I really feel silly when I almost believe some of the stories. Here's a few of my favorite pranks from yesterday:

Brand New's "Ford Re-design"

Think Geek's "Catalog" full of absurd items like a usb pregnancy test and this sweet labyrinth lock maze.

Annnnnnd my favorite "Flying Penguins Found by BBC Program" on Nothing to do with Arbroath


j*amy said...

haha those are awesome! i love that labyrinth door thing. i wish it was real.

subcontinental.giant said...

They got me with that Ford one. I read through the whole Ford re-design thing at the edge of my seat and I was so amazed that Ford was actually ballsy enough to do that. Then I realized that it was a April fools... nerdy,design pranks are the best!