Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Live from Cleveland Ohio

I drove to Cleveland today to see my dad before his surgery. They pushed back his surgery a day because they had to do a few more tests (he had a small stroke during one of his endocardatic episodes, but they found that there was no brain damage). Our grandma, aunt and uncle arrived today as well and we had time to all hang out, talk and play a few rounds of Scatagories.

The Cleveland Clinic has this great section of their website called which has a profile for patients in the hospital so that we can give our family and friends updates about how he's doing. It's really a great setup where you log in and there is a picture of him, his background, news/updates and even a place for people to leave comments.

The hotel we're in is a little weird, there is no wall in between the shower and the living room, just a shower curtain. I thought my mom was exaggering buttttt, it really is. Ok, well we have to leave the hotel by 5:30 a.m. so I'll try to update tomorrow after surgery.

UPDATE: Surgery went well, he's out of the ICU, but still at the hospital. It will be a long recovery.

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j*amy said...

ok, so my reasons for why the HECK this shower situation is...what it is:

1) cause people often feel really dirty when they wake up in cleveland, they have to literally jump straight from their bed into the shower

2) people in cleveland are stupid and can't work doors, so they used a curtain

3) trying to save money on drywall

4) they are freaks

thats all.
<3 love you, hope daddy does ok! send them all our love!