Monday, April 21, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

ok...not in that order, but here it goes...

The BAD:
I'm going to Cleveland on Wednesday night because my Dad is having open heart surgery to replace/fix his heart valve. He's one of three individuals getting an innovative bioposthetic graft surgery. It seems to be safe and I'm sure they will take good care of him, but it's a little nerve-wracking that it has not been performed on humans yet. So all your prayers, wishes on stars, or fingers crossed is greatly appreciated.

My friend Kristen just got a new job.
My friend Nikkie just closed on her house.
iNSPiRAL recorded 2 new songs while in Jersey.
Mikey and I got engaged this weekend!

Awww ugly dolls are so cute!

(pics are thanks to amelia grazia)


j*amy said...

um, you aren't going to give any more of a story than THAT!? come on!


yay for all the good
hope your dad does ok! make sure to keep us [i mean, me or the skanks] updated...

Martina said...

Congratulations!! Very pretty ring!

Joseph Laneve said...

Hey there! I found your blog on Pittsburgh Bloggers last night and have added it to my Google Reader list.

Congratulations to you and Mike. I wish you all the best.

Best wishes to you and your family regarding your father's surgery. My dad had heart valve repair surgery at the beginning of my senior year (actually, it was the morning after our big campus Blackout). It's amazing what doctors can do these days.

Keep in touch!

Jamie Lovely said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting!

Hoping your dad has a speedy recovery too :)

rsnow113 said...

congratulations roomies! :)

freeandflawed said...

Congrats on your engagement :)

Simone said...

congratulations!! love the bling! said...


That is a damn gorgeous ring!