Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back to my alma mater.

On Thursday I took a trip back to good old Bobby Mo to be on a design panel for this "Creativity at Work" program they put on every year. It's basically an informational career day with a focus on the creative fields like design, advertising, video, etc. It was a bit surreal because I had attended as a student several years and now I was on the other side offering my (small bit of) wisdom to the bright young stars of tomorrow, or something like that. I felt a bit honored that they had asked me to be there. My fabulous fellow panelists were :

Joe Meadows—"Senior Multimedia Developer" (aka: web guy) over at American Eagle that I know from many AIGA happy hours
Amy Joy—a lovely designer for Robert Morris who was brought in at last minute (shes does a wonderful job on our alumni magazine!)
Doris Short—Denmark native, AIGA board member, and a very knowledgeable in-house designer over at GlaxoSmithKline

All in all it was a successful event, quite a few students showed up and it was great to catch up with quite a few of my professors that were there.

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j*amy said...

yay! it's totes awesome going back to school to be an "advisor" to the students...that you went to school with. haha. it's nice though, because you really know exactly how they felt and can relate so much better! i always feel special when they ask for my input!