Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Randomness of the Day

Ohhh the internet is so entertaining sometimes. Here's some of my favorites as of lately:

You Have to Burn the Rope game, seriously less than 5 minutes of your time, stay for the music and I promise you'll smile. (via best.week.ever)
Cats in Sinks...why DO they love it so much?
Top 10 Sound Illusions. Must listen to with headphones. (I think the "virtual barbershop" is the best.)
• Some useful free vector art, 10 pages of it, and you don't have to sign up! Yay!
The debate of why Chewbacca didn't get a medal at the end of A New Hope goes on. (via

(pic is album cover via apartment.therapy)


j*amy said...

totes mike's dream room!

j*amy said...

took you a while to figure it out!? the whole POST was about CELTIC! it had to be irish or scottish or something...come on KT.....:)

j*amy said...

oh and that burn the rope SONG is the best. but i couldnt get the thing to actually work...i dont think...