Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When is it Time to Redesign?

I really like Bounce's redesign! It's umm....bouncy! It definitely gives it a cleaner look and feel. It's hard for packaging to stay modern, it's important to redesign to stay with the times, but how often? Redesign too much and your image gets muddy but if you wait to long to redesign you look outdated.

And they have quite a large family...yikes! Might be a few too many choices here.

(images via Brand New)


Angela said...

I love fabric softener! They have so many uses!

*kc said...

Deciding to redesign a logo is a tough decision. But what helps the design team out, is Bounce how popular their name is. Everyone knows this household name.

It was a good choice to update the logo, because something to keep in mind with household products - no one wants to think they are using their grandmother's fabric softener.