Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Does this Match?


Thinking about wedding, bridesmaids and dresses. I don't know what I want yet, but I know I don't want it to be wedding-ish, we want to keep it causal.

For bridesmaids I know I don't want them to match, but how little or how much is tricky, there are so many options!

(note: these images are just for ideas, not the actual dresses we are considering)

Match exact color, not style.
Places like David's Bridal have like 10 dresses all in the same color material.

Same color palate, not style.

Match style, not color.

Don't match style or colors?
For example, if I wear a dress with a sash and have the girls wear dresses with sashes, even though the style and colors are different, does it still match?

Guys get to wear black and white, why don't the girls?
Plus, duh, I love black! My ring even has black diamond things in it.

(via style me pretty, anthropologie, david's bridal, and google images)


rachel said...

i like staying in the same color family, especially for pictures and how they come out later. i think different styles in the same color family would be really cute!!!

j*amy said...

i like the first two - either exact colors and diff styles or diff styles and same color range. i think that would totes be you. i do like the black and white, but i totes don't like anyone else wearing white but youuuuuuuuuu! unless you wear ivory, which rachie did, cause it worked w/ her skin / hair tones better....

la la la!! yayayay weddinggggngngn

oh, but i like those 4 david's bridal dresses and colors a lot, actually!!

*Stace* said...

so i REALLY like that green color of the first "different style but same color" dresses! but different color greens would totes be cute too! yay!! :-)

ShelBelle said...

i like the same color diff style, or same style diff colors ... and of course I like the black and white :)