Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend Goodness...

We stayed in Pittsburgh this weekend and kept quite busy!

Saturday I took a "hip-hop hustle" class at our gym (oh yea...we FINALLLLY joined a gym again) which was a fun (aka: funny...I'm kinda an awkward white girl) workout. After Mike got out of work we went to Randie's gallery show opening at BoxHeart (which is up until September 13th).

We came home and made Buffalo Chicken dip realllly quick (thanks Mase, everyone lovvved it) and went outside for our neighborhood block party. I told Mike we didn't have to stay long, but we ended up making a bunch of new friends and having a blast! We played the frozen t-shirt game, which I never even heard of. The day before, you soak a bunch of tees then roll them up real tight and freeze them, then the day of the party you hand them out to teams and whoever can unwrap their t-shirt and put it on someone first, wins! Harder than it sounds, but quite fun.

I had to bounce a bit early (early?...11 p.m.) to go see the cheesy 80's band Velveeta with the girls for MegMegs b-day (happpppy b-day megmeg) and was exhausted from dancing by the time I got home.

Sunday we slept in and went to "a" for pancakes then over to the Andy Warhol Museum to see this film about him on Saturday Night Live, it wasn't the clips from SNL, but more of just an unedited film of him talking, kind of about SNL...mannn he was weird, it was funny....in a weird way...but in a funny way....but totes weird. We wandered around the museum for awhile too!

Then we went over the the Carnegie Science Center (I got Mike a pass to get us into all the museums so all of our adventures were free! yay) and played in the Sporks Works which was open for the last day ever!!! They are tearing it down to make room for the T, but will build another building hopfully by the end of next summer. (Here's mikey & I on this crazy high ride bike thing...)

Fantastic weekend...went by too fast...and I forgot my camera for most of it....


andrea said...

I love the cloud room!

j*amy said...

yay fun weekend! the museum is totes cool. last time i went there though it was kind of lame.