Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Your Inner Vagabond

I go to board meeting for FE Gallery, not because I'm on the board, I'm just Randie's little apprentice. Which means I get to help out and not feel too bad when I don't go to all the openings, it's a win win situation! We meet at different places in Lawrenceville and this week we went to Your Inner Vagabond, a cool little coffee shop that has soooo much comfy seating, just tons of pillows everywhere. I got a really good tea during the meeting that had a timer so it was steeped perfectly. Afterwards Randie, Jared and I hung out and had some dips with pita bread, a whitefish something, a red pepper hummus, and a walnut pepper something. Food was good, atmosphere was good, they have a ton of events, I recommend checking it out!

(They have a blog!)


j*amy said...

mmm some of those sound yummerz! but the "something" scares me...:)

um and...also, um...TOTES COMFY! love the pillows and patterns!

*kc said...

I think the whitefish hummus would be disgusting! Bleck! (but the other two sound yummy and the place look totes awesome!!)