Wednesday, June 11, 2008


If you're around Erie, PA: make sure to check out the iNSPiRAL show tomorrow night at Sherlock's. Yes, Mikey and I will be driving up from Pittsburgh to Erie at 8:00 p.m. and then he'll play the show...and we'll drive the 2 hours back to Pittsburgh at some god-awful hour of the night/morning. So, be there and make it awesome! They will have a show in Pittsburgh on Saturday, June 28th, so save the date!

If you're in Pittsburgh, PA: before I head to Erie, I am going to the opening at 15 Minutes Gallery over at the technology building off of 2nd Ave (downtown-ish) it's at 5:30-8. Both Randie and John have several pieces in the show.


j*amy said...

yayyay shooooow yay pitts show!!!

except i can't stay over that night...or have to leave to get home by 10am the next morning possibly...eek, maybe i bet i can switch w/ rachie!!!

*Stace* said...

i still have yet to go to an iNSPiRAL show!!! ahh! hopefully when we move back to erie!! :-)

anabellster said...

I'm no where near PA, but I hope you have fun at the show. It sounds like it will be a blast! The only thing that doesn't sound fun is the ride back. Me and my friends went to a show in Ohio a few weeks ago and we got back at 4 AM. It was awful! Me and my boyfriend (who was driving) were the only two people still awake in the car, haha.

j*amy said...

at least you only need to be at the gallery for 15 minutes. phew.


j*amy said...

oh, and stace...i have also "still have yet to go to an iNSPiRAL show"...this is their...first...:)

Angela said...

My ex always played shows in Erie... he was from Edinboro. But I'm not going to talk about that!

Have fun at the show!!