Friday, January 16, 2009

Lomo Camera

Just been having some fun playing with a "toy" camera that takes 4 continuous shots...only works in daylight, inside shots don't come out.

Whoops, had my finger in the last frame of this one so there is only 3 frames....

Haven't got it down quite yet, I'll share more if I get better!

See all the lomography cameras here (but you can get them cheaper elsewhere) mine is this dalek one.


rachel said...

this is really really cool! Where did you get it again? I want one!

rachel said...

Also, can you change my link in your sidebar to my more recent website -


Kt said...

whoops...i updated my reader but not my bloggie! its good now!

I got my camera at gabes! was from urban can find them cheaper on amazon and places like that...but you can also just use mine! I'm going to get another one, just looking for a good price

i updated the post with the site of all of them

j*amy said...

yay! funnnn!