Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Countdown

Seems like I'm always counting down to some big event but this next one (or two) really are big! It will be 7 months from this past Sunday until my wedding! Eeek! 

I think I'm pretty far along in my planning 

- I got my dress (a knee length off white dress from BCBG) 
- We booked our venue (Stephany's Garden's in Erie for both the ceremony and reception) 
- Booked our beautiful photographer (Pure Motif)
- Planned out my decorations (but have to wait for trees to be cut down to make them)

I know there is still lots to do and we have our whole "Pittsburgh Reception" to plan...but that will be a more informal cocktail party for our bridal party, parents and friends in the Burgh.

Our BIG countdown #2 is that we have been house hunting! So far we have 2 places we really like but there are so many on the market right now it's hard to know when to stop looking.


*Stace* said...

ahh! so crazy!! so exciting!!

j*amy said...

don't tell everyone what dress you are getting!! eek i hope mikey doesnt read this...

Kt said...

ehhh....mikey hasn't read this in aggggges....plus bcbg has a bunch of white knee length dresses...