Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am actually almost done with my Christmas shopping, but accidentally did a little shopping for myself. I recently got the box set of Family Guy even though I own all the separate seasons, but it really was a great deal and I'm missing some disks (thanks to college) and I didn't have the 2 movies. Plus it comes in this hilarious Stewie head, hee hee. (pic by Mikey)

Oh and I got a dress....a white dress....that I'll wear next July...offline b/c I'm a nerd...Randie and I celebrated with a piece of cake at the coffee shop.


*kc said...

AHHH! YAY! Hooray for white dresses in July! (and yummy cake in the present.)

j*amy said...


ShelBelle said...

what does the white dress look like???