Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh I love halloween!

For our costumes Mike was Sweeney Todd, Randie was Mrs. Lovett and I was Sweeney's wife, Lucy (dead version). Our friend Joey took an awesome picture of Randie & I but here's Mike:

Here is a little glimpse of our halloween party!

This is one of my favorite pics from the night, Alanna and I are in the foreground and Shane and Nikkie are in the back. ( I work with Shane & Alanna)

And here's the girls...Mase was Marge Simpson, Kristen was from the Hitchcock movie The Birds, Nikkie was a studfinder, and I already explained me, we're supposed to be "in character" which is why I'm making a weird face.

And of course Weez dressed up too! (And was out ALL night...he's so grounded)

Being silly (scary) the next morning while cleaning up & Mikey cooking everyone breakfast.


*Stace* said...

aww! your costumes are so cute!!

*kc said...

...pancakes from a can