Friday, January 4, 2008

Perpetual Calendar

For some reason I've always wanted a perpetual calendar since I found out what perpetual calendars are. I finally got one! It's from our paper rep over at Frank Parson's and showcases their Mohawk paper lines. Each page is a different paper they offer.

If you don't know what a perpetual calendar is, it is a calendar that you can use every year! How very clever and green! There are many styles, mine (below) has 3 flip pages: the left has a page for Monday through Sunday, the second has the numbers 1-31 and the last is January through December.
Here is another example:


Amy said...

that calendar is very very cool! very good...ahem birthday or christmas or birthday is coming up in 3 months prezzie....probs. totes.

um, yeah, do you have a link on there for it? i want more pics

Kate said...

I did find a link for it one time, but haven't been able to since. I saw it on Better Living Through Design's blog once. Maybe I wont tell you even if I do find it, so I can give it to you as a prezzzzy!