Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gift Ideas (all for about $25)

Well it's a bit difficult to post some of my favorite gift ideas for this year, because I am buying them for some people who read this blog. So, my apologies. But here are a few that I can post without ruining Christmas.

Bogo Solor Flashlight
$25 You get one and the other is donated to a person in the world in need of it.
(I don't remember where I first saw this)
Don't Break the Bottle Wine Holder Puzzle
$25 (Sale Price: $21.50, 2/$41.00, 4/$79.80) Well this means you also have to get them the bottle of wine that goes in it. But it's a bit more interesting than shoving a bottle of wine into a gift bag.
(I think i found this at kaboodle)
Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace
$15 (There are about 23 different designs) I would recommend exchanging the ribbon "chain" for an actual silver one, but thats just me. I think I love them so much because of the matching slide-top tin, oh yeah and the fact that it is a scrabble piece and supports independent artists.
(via MixtGoods)
$30 ($25 if you do it through gizmodo) This myspace generation (this does include myself) love to take pictures of themselves and this handy little gadget helps make it so much easier! Also, prevents having to ask a stranger to take your picture and trusting a stranger with your camera.
(via gizmodo)

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you have no pics of yourself on your myspace! well, ones you've taken...or more than 1...