Friday, September 12, 2008

I Made it!

I made it to Colorado! Flight (first ever all by myself, so I was a little nervous) was great, I met lots of new friends like Bob the architecht, Adam the CMU grad student, John Adams (like the president) the Philly lawyer and Lisa who was going to a concert in LA. Didn't get to read my book at all b/c I kept talking to strangers but thats okay! Had a bit of a headache for awhile which is appearently common due to the altitude. Having fun with the family and we're going to stay in a cabin in the Rockies tomorrow night!


Alanna Jackson Designer said...

Have fun! We miss you around here!!

*kc said...

Um, are any of your new friends single?

ShelBelle said...

girl you are funny ... you would hate sitting next to me on the plane if I was a stranger ... I just go to sleep!